Facebook People Search To Find Friends

One quick glance is all it takes to know that Facebook is very different than other search platforms like Google¬† Search, or Yahoo People Finder at the core level. Their superb interface makes it very efficient to search for you to find people that have been absent from your life by pulling up their profile. A recent story indicated that a paid people finder option for those people doing a search for people without logging in (or were not not signed up as actual members) was under consideration. Currently, searching people is free, and I think that if they actually moves in this direction to bolster it’s profitability it will come at a price, as many casual users love to look for people via profiles and may resist the pay-for-search people search if implimented.

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Competition in the People Search arena:

I really don’t put much credence to the idea that FB could easily generate revenue from a myriad of options without resorting to monitizing a every search for non-FB users. Besides, both the Google People and the Yahoo Search are completely free, so being the first to dive into the pool could cause FB users to perceive it as being greedy. But their moves over the past month suggest a push to increase revenue at all costs in a bid dethrone Google as the #1 search engine on the planet. And the fact that over 30% of all internet searches are people search related may weigh into their final decision. The search for friends on FB is so addicting, a “how to search for people on facebook guide” will be up for sale on Amazon soon, I’m sure!

The clash for the benjamin’s over the next year or two could result in some fascinating developments in this regard. Facebook being a third-party site, you’re governed by their terms and conditions with your consent, so be sure to read the fine print if they do end up monitizing the facebook people search. Also pay close attention to policy updates that may interfere with a search for people without logging in, because if they want to change how their service is provided at a later date, you’re could be caught unaware. This is the year of the social media revolution, so please share your successful FB locator stories with us!